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The Key Club - Loyalty Points



How to Collect Your Loyality Points.



The Key Club, is a members only club, but anyone can join! You automatically join The Key Club when you sign up for an account with us (click here to sign up)


When you have created an account with us, for every £1 you spend, we give you 10 loyalty points.


It is a unique way to shop, you can spend your points on any product and any value order.


So if its 50 points you have, or 5000, we will happily take them off your order. So you could even use your points after just one order with us.



How to Spend Your Loyality Points.


You can spend your loyalty points instantly at Scarlet Room, to spend your points, simply enter the amount of points you would like to redeem at checkout and it will take it from the total of your order.



Loyalty Points Terms & Conditions 


The Key Club members should be aware, loyalty points hold no monetary value and cannot be at any time exchanged for money.


Loyalty points and loyalty point totals are subject to change due to product pricing updates.


Loyalty points can be added or deducted at any time due to refunds issued, products returned or suspected fraud.