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The Beginner's Guide to Dildos

One of the most popular sex toys of all time, dildos replicate the sensation of penetrative sex during foreplay and masturbation. Designed in tribute to the mighty erection, dildos are mostly penis-shaped but some break the mould with rippled or bulbous bodies.

Ultimately, all dildos are long and range from average sized to huge in length. Dildos with curved shafts are stunning at g-spot and p-spot pleasure, and any dildo with a suction cup base lends itself well to hands free play. Ideal for masturbation, foreplay and as a ‘third lover’ during sex, dildos come in many different guises, as you're about to discover...

Strapless Strap-Ons

Putting women in the driving seat, strapless strap-ons are part of the wider strap on sex toys family but with one major difference: strapless strap-ons don't require the use of a harness. Lots of women describe this kind of strap-on as a more natural feeling experience simply because they're not constricted by the straps of a harness. Strapless strap-ons have one short but wide arm that goes inside the wearer (the women in the driving seat), while the longer arm goes inside her partner's vagina or anus. There's no need for a harness with strapless strap-ons because your kegel muscles will clench around the arm inserted into your vagina, helping to keep the sex toy in place.

Recommended strapless strap-ons: The Vibrating Feeldoe


Suction Cup Dildos

The main advantage to owning suction cup dildos is the amount of freedom they afford you to explore your other erogenous zones, or your partner's, while still enjoying anal or vaginal penetration. Like most dildos, suction cup dildos are shaped to look like erections and, as such, usually sport an array of realistic features including raised veins, slightly curved shafts, rounded heads and extended testicles for you to bounce and grind against. At the bottom of each sex toy is a strong and smooth suction cup base, meaning you can fix your dildo to any smooth, flat surface such as a tiled floor, tiled walls or even the bottom or side of your bath.


Recommended suction cup dildos: The Realistic Cock 8 Inch


Dildo Harnesses and Tapered Dildos

The dildos featured in this section have a flared base allowing you to use them with a harness. Dildo harnesses and tapered dildos are a great investment for lesbian couples and straight couples who enjoy the act of pegging. Most of our tapered dildos don't vibrate, but if you want a vibrating model you should check out the Love Rider Double Rider Strap On Dong and Anal Beads. Dildo harnesses are fully adjustable and can therefore fit a surprising number of different body shapes for women and men. The materials dildo harnesses and tapered dildos are made from can vary greatly, but silicone is a popular choice because it warms to your body temperature upon use.

Recommended dildo harness and tapered dildos: Basix Slim 7 Inch with Suction Cup


Glass toys

Glass toys can be used to stimulate your anus and vagina, as well as to explore other erogenous zones such as nipples, the penis and scrotum, and even your armpits. Glass toys are beautiful and make stunning decorative pieces as well as expert lovers. Lots of people use glass sex toys because they can be heated in warm water or cooled in the fridge, enabling users to experiment with the delights of temperature play and how hot and cold temperatures can enhance their orgasms. Glass toys also feel smoother than any other sex toy. When coupled with lubricant, they will glide inside you with absolute ease, making them a great choice for women who encounter vaginal dryness.

Recommended glass toys: Glass Dildos

Heavy Metal Dildos

Like glass dildos, heavy metal dildos are smooth – especially when slathered in lubricant – and glide effortlessly during anal and vaginal masturbation. Although they can be more expensive than other dildos, heavy metal dildos are a worthy investment because of how durable they are. You can also play around with temperature when using heavy metal dildos, submerging them in warm water or popping them in the fridge before use. Heavy metal dildos come in lots of shapes from long and smooth to those with bulbous bodies, those with curved shafts, and those shaped like butt plugs. Heavy metal dildos can be used during anal and vaginal stimulation, and work with all lubricants and condoms.

Recommended heavy metal dildos: Njoy Pure Wand


Realistic Dildos

The main motif of realistic dildos is that they look, feel and perform as close to a natural erection as possible. With that in mind, companies make realistic dildos in natural, brown, pink and black and pay attention to detail when designing these sex toys. Realistic dildos have common features including differently coloured heads (for example, a pink head on a blush shaft), raised veins, extended testicles and slightly curved shafts. You can find realistic dildos modelled directly from the erections of porn stars (Fleshjack range), realistic dildos with suction cup bases, dildos attached to torsos so that you can have an enhanced realistic experience, and some that have little crops of faux pubic hair.

Recommended realistic dildos: Emperor Flesh 6 Inch


Black Dildos

Some people have erotic fantasies involving black men, and if you're searching for a sex toy to bring that fantasy to fruition you'll be spoiled for choice with these handsome black dildos. Many of them are hulking in their size but you can get black dildos that are more suitable for beginner's, such as the Lifelikes Black Baron Dildo 5 Inch Brown. Black dildos can be used during anal penetration as well as vaginal penetration, depending upon which type you buy, and they are well known for their sensational texture during internal massage. For those of you looking for heavily textured black dildos, there are several models to choose from including the mighty Caterpillar Dildo.

Recommended black dildos:  18 Inch Veined Double Header Black


Strap On Dildos

One of the most versatile sex toys we sell, strap on dildos are used by straight couples, lesbian couples and also by BDSM enthusiasts. Strap on dildos are usually available as part of a kit alongside an adjustable harness but can be used as a stand alone sex toy. Kinky strap on dildos for couples who practise BDSM usually come in black, red or purple and are teamed with wide, corset style harnesses with lace-up straps. Other kinky strap on dildos fix around the head and chin (see The Accommodator Face Strap-on Dildo). Finally, beginner's would do best with strap on dildos attached to an easy wear knicker-style harness (Hollow Purple Delight Strapon).

Recommended strap on dildos: Crotchless Strap-on Harness with 2 Dongs


Double Dildo

Colourful and vibrant, the humble double dildo is the most fun a woman can having during double penetration. This funky sex toy is a lesbian favourite because all-female couples can share the double dildo between them by sitting on either end of the toy, either back to back or face to face. Affordable, ultra flexible and lubricant and condom compatible, double dildos have bendy shafts so that you enjoy as much length as you want where you need it. For example, if you're playing solo and want to take the majority of the sex toy vaginally, simply slip more length up front. Newcomers would be better off getting a taster of this satisfying toy with a mini version.

Recommended double dildo: Pure Skin Mini Double Dong


Other Dildos

Here is where you will find our unusual looking dildos made from non-standard materials and sporting non conventional looks. Other dildos are for men and women who have seen and done it all when it comes to sex toys, and because of the quirky shapes other dildos have even the most seasoned of sex toy users can be introduced to new sexual sensations. From wooden dildos and double fist dildos through to wolf dildos and those attached to roller balls, other dildos will thrill you with their strange appearances and even stranger performances. These weird and wonderful toys will give you an unforgettable penetrative experience.

Recommended other dildos: 3 Bangs For Your Butt Junior


Huge Dildos

Fancy making love to a lemon? Or how about a dildo with boobs? You'll find those and more in our huge dildos collection. These larger than life lovers will open you up and fill you deep down with their colossal bodies. More popular than you'd think, huge dildos are beloved by women and men who need extra girth and length to make them orgasm. Some huge dildos go more for length while others have a preference for width, but the best combine fatness with hulking height. Huge dildos are best used with rich lubricant and taken inch by inch so that your vaginal or anal muscles have a chance to warm up before the big thrust.

Recommended huge dildos: Large Dildos