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The Complete Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Couples


Bringing sex toys into your relationship is a liberating experience, but there are times when you may need to use a little gentle persuasion to entice your lover into using a sex toy to begin with. It's easy to see why some men and women feel like they're being marked out as inadequate in bed when their partner suggests using a sex toy, but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Sex toys for couples are designed to enhance your sexual relationship – they take nothing away from the important roles you each play in turning each other on. Vibrators, for example, can help a man or woman give their female partner a bonafide orgasm during sex and foreplay.


Rather than feel intimidated by sex toys, change your perspective and you'll start seeing them for what they are: funky little tools to help you and your partner feel closer in the bedroom, and a way for you to both orgasm each time you play. Wouldn't you feel more relaxed about your own orgasm knowing your partner is guaranteed one too?


Sex toys for couples take immense pressure off of your relationship, meaning you can explore each other's bodies without having the psychological pressure of 'I must make my partner orgasm'. If you're worried about having a large toy in bed, there are plenty of small sex toys for couples that aren't intimidating. The majority are easy to use too, as well as those – such as sex toy kits – that offer endless ways for you to stimulate each other. Let's take a look...

Cuffs, tapes and restraints

Thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, many couples are curious about BDSM, but what if you want to make fantasy a reality? Cuffs, tapes and restraints enable you and your lover to experience kinky games in the bedroom, but there are sexual and psychological bonuses to BDSM too. Power play can help readdress certain imbalances in the relationship, while allowing you both to explore submissive and dominant roles. It also helps you build greater trust in each other.


Bondage Tape, available in pink or black, is a beginner friendly restraint that let's you tie your lover up so that you can have your wicked way. Blindfold them and it becomes even more fun! Pink Fluffy Handcuffs have been a soft play favourite for decades, breaking you in to a world where durable cuffs, like the Eroflame Metal Handcuffs, abound. Push the boundaries by exploring tie-me-up-sex with the Sex and Mischief Door Play Cuffs, or bring it back to the bed or chair with the plush Sex and Mischief Our First Bondage Kit.


Adult Games

Forget Monoploy and Scrabble – when the next rainy day comes along, make sure you're armed with the best adult games to while away the hours. Adult games are a good example of how sex toys for couples take the pressure off making each other orgasm. How? Adult games, like Lust and Monogamy, require you to follow instructions that will help you turn each other on through various sex acts.


Other adult games found in our sex toys for couples section include Sex Around The House, which encourages you to have sex everywhere indoors, as well as the Fun In Bed Game where you will rediscover how to turn each other on between the sheets.



We know shopping for lubricants isn't one of the most exciting things on your list, but lube makes sex comfortable and satisfying. On a basic level, women who suffer from vaginal dryness will get  joy out of using a good quality lube, but men who want to glide in and out of their partner with ease will also do well to choose a high quality lubricant.


Luckily, there are lubes in our sex toys for couples section that cater for both men and women – same sex couples, heterosexual couples, and open-minded couples who wants lubes they can use during solo play. Take a look at the Wet Together Lubricant gift pack which has a female lube and a male lube that work together to create a toe-tingling combo during lovemaking, as well as the luxury Zini Sharing Solution lube system that makes sex and foreplay more orgasmic for couples.


Massage oils and dusts

Exploring your partner's lesser known erogenous zones can make a world of difference to your time in bed together, and mark you out as a more confident, experienced and considerate lover. Within the sex toys for couples section you will come across massage oils and edible body dusts to tempt you into paying attention to your partner's body.


Erotic massage is a pleasurable act involving you using your own body (think boobs, arms and even your bottom) to massage your partner's naked body. The idea is to cover them in massage oil, then rub yourself all over them. Some women even incorporate masturbation into this by using this oiled genitals against their partner's! The More Amore Sensual Massage Gift Set is ideal for this and comes with many added extras to create a romantic scene.


For something you can eat as well as play with, try the Karma Sutra Honey Dust: Honeysuckle, an edible body dust that you can sprinkle over your partner's hot spots then lick, kiss and suck off. You can even shake it over the parts of your body you want your partner to stimulate; some women even dust themselves with it before going out on a date.


Remote control sex toys

There are endless sex toys for couples – far more than we have included here – which should give you an indication that the majority of sex toys and accessories you'll find on our website can be enjoyed by couples depending upon how they are used. That said, one of the prime examples of sex toys for couples has to be remote control sex toys. The major attraction with such toys is that your partner handles the remote control while the toy is inside or on you, meaning they control how much pleasure you get and how often you receive it.


Couples can use remote control sex toys such as the 10 Function Remote Control Vibrating Pink Egg vibrating knickers when they are out to dinner, shopping or walking around – the woman simply slips the knickers on before getting dressed, hands the remote to her partner, then spends the day in exquisite anticipation not knowing when her partner is going to unleash a stream of powerful vibrations on her.


Other remote control sex toys to check out include the Thrusting Purple Rabbit Vibrator, and the Remote Control Waterproof Vibe Set that will make bathing way more exciting.


Sex kits

Newcomers to sex toys for couples may find themselves a little overwhelmed by the awesome range of erotic goodies available. For those of you who don't know where to start when it comes to buying your first sex toy or accessory, sex kits can make your life easier.


Sex kits usually contain sex toys and accessories that follow a specific theme, or they can be  bursting with items that encourage all sorts of stimulation from clitoral to g-spot to penile to anal. If you want sex kits that focus on oral sex, look at the Tonguer Tongue Vibrators, a collection of two mini vibes that sit on the tongue to turbo-charge oral sex for him and her. The Special Edition TongueJoy Romance is another charming oral sex kit that will tempt and tease you both.


For a more playful sex kit, Fun In Bed comes with feather ticklers, blindfolds and more for a session of sensory deprivation and stimulation, while the Fetish Fantasy Series Ultimate Fantasy Kit is extraordinary value for money for couples with a kinky streak.


Couples vibrators

Sex toys for couples would never be complete without couples vibrators. Purpose built to deliver mind-bending vibrations to you and your partner, these sex toys are sturdy, luxury models built to pleasure you both during lovemaking so that you can orgasm together.


The aptly named The Couples Vibrator may not look like much more than a pair of blue tongs, but this powerful sex toy can be positioned on your genitals or your partner's with ease. Perhaps one of the most famous couples vibrators is the "The Couples Vibrator", but you can't go wrong with something simple like the Remote Control Egg either.


Strap-ons and penetrators

Get closer to your partner through strap-on sex. Hollow strap-on sex toys will help men suffering from erectile dysfunction to fully penetrate their partner, but if you want to give your lover a dose of double penetration you'd be better off with the Double Penetrator Red. For women who want to pleasure their man, the Strap-Ons For Him is built for pegging. The Sophias Red Rider Strap-on can be used on men and women, while The Feeldoe More strapless strap-on is perfect for women who don't like wearing a harness. 


Sex Furniture

Finally, take the weight off during sex by making room for a handy bit of sex furniture. You can find all sorts these days, but the Louisiana Lounger is one of the best sex toys for couples. Easy to inflate, this couch calls for sex in traditional and exotic sexual positions. However, if you want something smaller, choose the Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sexercise Sex Stool.