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The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Vibrators

If you’re new to vibrators, here you will learn about the different shapes, sizes and styles of vibes we sell and how they can enhance masturbation for you and improve sex with your partner. From rabbit vibrators and clitoral vibes to silent vibrators and g-spot vibes, we’ve got your needs covered with our beginner’s guide.

Double Penetrators

Double penetration is an intense experience involving simultaneous vaginal and anal, or g-spot and clitoral, stimulation. Interested? Then arm yourself with a duo penetrator vibrator. We have a clutch of funky, affordable and simple to use duo penetrators that are highly orgasmic. Some are handheld, allowing you to masturbate freely, while others need to be strapped to your partner’s erection for double penetration. Available in a range of sizes, duo penetrators will open new doors for you during sex and masturbation.


Recommended duo penetrator vibrator for beginner’s: Power Stud Over and Under Vibrator

Finger Vibrators

Let your fingers do the talking with this travel friendly vibrator designed to sit neatly on your index finger, or, in some cases, to cover your hand. Finger vibrators are ideal for newcomers because they’re non-threatening. Most finger vibrators are battery operated but some are rechargeable, and they couldn’t be simpler to use: just pop one onto your index finger, press the on button and play. If you buy a vibrating glove version, you’ll be able to explore multiple erogenous zones at once.



Recommended finger vibrator for beginner’s: Silicone Rabbit Mini Vibrator Finger Sleeve


G-Spot Vibrators

If you haven’t had a g-spot orgasm yet, prepare to have your mind-blown. G-spot vibrators are designed to massage and stimulate that small, fleshy mound located on your frontal vaginal wall. All g-spot vibes have one thing in common: a curved head or shaft with a rounded tip. That’s because the tip meets with your g-spot first, so it needs to be able to nudge and massage you to orgasm. For maximum thrills, buy a g-spot vibrator with a built-in clitoral stimulator.



Recommended g-spot vibrator for beginner’s: Vibratex Snugglepuss Vibrator

Jelly Vibrators

Flexible and versatile, jelly penis vibrators are great fun for single men and women as well as for couples who wish to experiment in their sex life. Shaped like an erection, jelly penis vibrators usually have smooth, rounded heads for fast thrusting and comfortable penetration – both anally and vaginally. They also have strong vibrating motors, multiple vibrating speeds, raised vein detail for inner massage, and either built-in controls, a remote control, or a twist-dial base that’s perfect for beginner’s.



Recommended jelly vibrator for beginner’s: Jelly Purple Vibrator 

Mini Vibrators

One of our most popular styles of vibrators, travel friendly mini vibrators are discreet and a super choice if you plan to indulge in outdoors masturbation and foreplay with a lover. Mini vibrators range in price from less than £5, all the way up to luxury, rechargeable versions. Mini vibrators are the go-to sex toy for quick and easy clitoral orgasms, or to super-charge oral sex, and can be used to stimulate other erogenous zones such as nipples or your partner’s perineum.



Recommended mini vibrator for beginner’s: Rocks Off RO-80mm Mini Vibrator Purple

Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit vibrators found mainstream success after that episode of Sex and The City. The Jessica Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator was the original, followed by swathes of randy rabbit vibes capable of dishing out simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation – some thrown in anal pleasure, too, while others thrust or change direction when rotating inside you. Rabbit vibrators are powerful and deliver exquisite vaginal massage thanks to a mid-shaft filled with pummeling love beads, but the extended rabbit ears-shaped clit stimulator is king here.



Recommended rabbit vibrator for beginner’s: Jessica Rabbit Waterproof Vibrator

Silent Vibrators

Live in a shared house? Silent vibrators are ultra discreet, enabling you to play without anyone one else hearing your vibrator in action. Designed in a range of styles from handheld to remote control operated, silent vibrators are just as powerful as standard vibrators but they don’t have any whirring motors to give the game away. Whether you want a small silent vibrator, a g-spot silent vibrator, a clitoral silent vibrator or a waterproof silent vibrator, you’ll find what you need with us.



Recommended silent vibrator for beginner’s: Silencer Vibrator

Vibrating Strap-Ons

Strap-on sex puts women in the driving seat, but it can also aid men who have erectile dysfunction. Vibrating strap-ons usually come with an adjustable harness that slips over your hips and bottom, but some are strapless (female use) or attach via a built-in cock ring (male use). There are remote control vibrating strap-ons offering simple access to multiple vibrating speeds, and many strap-ons sporting curved shafts for g-spot and prostate stimulation. Vibrating strap-ons will suit couples craving intense anal and vaginal sex.



Recommended vibrating strap-on for beginner’s: Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Strap-On For Him


Magic Wand Vibrators

A good all-rounder vibrator for unisex enjoyment during relaxation and masturbation, as well as for couples to use during foreplay, erotic massage, or just to soothe away aches and pains. Magic wand vibrators are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their powerful vibrating motors and flexible heads that can get into the nooks and crannies of your body. Lightweight and multi-speed, magic wand vibrators have large, smooth, rounded heads for pinpoint massage, plus built-in controls that are simple for beginner’s to use.



Recommended magic wand vibrator for beginner’s: Body Wand Massager


Non Phallic Vibrators

Also known as classic vibrators or ladyfinger vibrators, standard vibrators have been beloved by women and couples for decades. Standard vibrators come in different colours and materials, and are usually the more affordable of sex toys for women. Standard vibrators either have slightly angled heads for g-spot probing, or rounded heads for smooth and fast penetration and clitoral pleasure. The majority have twist-operated bases and are battery operated, while the odd one or two may have a built-in control panel or remote control.

Recommended standard vibrator for beginner’s: LadyFinger Vibrator


Luxury Vibrators

Although luxury vibrators may seem expensive at first, these opulent sex toys are worth their weight in gold thanks to a series of high-spec pleasure functions, decadent trimmings and the sheer orgasmic firepower they pack. Luxury vibrators range from duo stimulators to magic wands to realistic vibrators to waterproof vibrators and more. Luxury vibrators are also crafted from high quality, body safe and lubricant compatible materials that are built to last, so rest assured your investment will pay off over time.


Recommended luxury vibrator for beginner’s: We-Vibe Unite Plus Clitoral and G-Spot Vibrator


Large Vibrators

Sometimes bigger really is better. If that’s your motto when it comes to choosing a sex toy, you’re in the right place. Not the faint hearted, large vibrators offer deep and wide anal and vaginal penetration. Choosing a large vibrator can be fun for a beginner and we have plenty to tempt you, including large vibrators that are remote controlled or battery operated, those with extended testicles to grind against, and large vibrators made from soft touch materials that feel like real flesh.



Recommended large vibrator for beginner’s: Jeff Stryker Realistic Cock Vibrating


Vibrators with Clit Stimulators

It’s no secret that women find it easier to orgasm if their clitoris is aroused, and our vibrators with clit stimulators can help you. From small to full size, these vibes have one thing on their mind: thrilling your clitoris with multiple vibrating speeds and patterns. Powerful and accurate thanks to their extended clitoral teasers, vibrators with clit stimulators are guaranteed to deliver intense pleasure where you want it. Waterproof, rechargeable, textured… We have an extensive selection that will improve your sex life.


Recommended vibrator with clit stimulator for beginner’s: Ultra 7 Hummer Vibrator


Realistic Vibrators

As their name suggests, realistic vibrators are purpose built to look, feel and perform just like a real erection. Realistic vibrators have lots of common features, in particular: a smooth, rounded head that’s often a different colour to the shaft; raised veins for internal massage; extended testicles at the base for you to grind against; and soft touch material that’s lubricant friendly. Realistic vibrators will suit men and women craving authentic penetration sensations during masturbation, or to act as a ‘third lover’ during lovemaking.


Recommended realistic vibrator for beginner’s: Multi Speed Penis Vibrator


Novelty Vibrators

Novelty vibrators will inject fun into your sex life and take the pressure off you and your partner. Designed in a colourful array of weird and wacky shapes, novelty vibrators comprise off the wall sex toy concepts such as duck and fish-shaped vibrators, soft spike oral vibrators, vibes that you place in the freezer for experimenting with temperature play, and even a vibrating moustache! Novelty vibrators make flirty little gifts for close friends and lovers, as well as being super discreet for clandestine use.


Recommended novelty vibrator for beginner’s: I Rub My Duckie (Pink)


Rechargeable Vibrators

Like luxury vibrators, rechargeable and mains powered vibrators often come with a high price tag but that shouldn’t put you off – the money you’ll save in the long-term on batteries will cancel out the cost. Rechargeable and mains powered vibrators are always superb quality and feature high-spec technology, meaning they’re guaranteed to deliver powerful orgasms to suit your every orgasmic mood. Packaged with charging cradles or adapters, once fully charged these rechargeable vibes can run for hours of uninterrupted use – perfect for sexathons.


Recommended rechargeable and mains powered vibrator for beginner’s: Lelo Lily Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator