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The complete beginner's guide to butt plugs

Anal penetration, whether during masturbation, foreplay or full anal sex, is an intense, erotic sensation when performed right. This means choosing your anal sex toys carefully, and this is why most people begin with butt plugs. One of the most popular anal sex toys, butt plugs are designed to pop inside your butt where they will gently open you up so that you can then play with bigger anal sex toys or comfortably take your partner's erection.


Butt plugs are a must for breaking yourself in slowly to anal play, and there are over 120 butt plugs on our site alone for you to choose from. All butt plugs work with lubricants and we always recommend that you use lube during anal play. Remember the golden rule: silicone butt plugs should only be used with water based lubricant. Silicone lubes are fantastic too, but they're best used with butt plugs made from materials like jelly, metal, glass, rubber, and ceramic.


Some of the butt plugs types featured below – and our recommendations to go with them – have been written with absolute anal beginner's in mind. However, there are some – such as large butt plugs – that have been written for people who are experienced at using butt plugs and are searching for their first large butt plug. After all, if you're a complete novice we'd never recommend you start with something like the TitanMen Master Tool Number 3!


Cheap Butt Plugs

Cheap butt plugs are only cheap in monetary terms – their often-small price tags are no reflection of their performance or quality. Ideal for men and women on tight budgets, or for those of you who are curious about anal penetration but don't want to splash out on something expensive just in case you don't like the sensation of being stimulated anally. Whatever your reasons for looking into cheap butt plugs, you'll find many to satiate your interest. Cheap butt plugs are available from as little as (Mini Plug Pink Beginners Butt Plug), and you can get them in a range of sizes from small to large.

Recommended cheap butt plug for beginner's: Anal Trainer Butt Plug Black


Small Butt Plugs

You're in luck when shopping for small butt plugs because there are lots to suit all tastes and budgets. Perfectly matched to beginner's as well as experienced anal players who want to add a petite toy to their collection, these small butt plugs are versatile and travel friendly for discreet use. In fact, some small butt plugs are so small and unobtrusive that you can even wear them beneath clothing as you go about your day. Small butt plugs are usually a lot simpler in design than their bigger counterparts, but you can still find textured models. For example, the NS Novelties Renegade Butt Plug III Small.

Recommended small butt plug for beginner's: Plug and Play Small


Textured Butt Plugs

The main feature of textured butt plugs is the raised detailing you'll feel upon the surface of their body or shaft; some textured butt plugs even have textured heads so that you get to experience it from the very first inch – take a look at the Ass Grenade Butt Plug . Texture adds up to immense internal massage, meaning you will have a more interesting anal session with textured butt plugs than with smoother butt plugs. Of course it depends on your personal tastes and whether you like the idea of a thorough anal massage, but if you do textured butt plugs are worth your time.

Recommended textured butt plug for beginner's: Rocks Off 7 Speed Ass-Berries Raspberry


Inflatable Butt Plugs

Can't make up your mind about which size anal sex toy you want? Or perhaps you want a single sex toy to replace the small, medium and large anal sex toys you're currently juggling? If so, inflatable butt plugs will tickle your fancy. These clever, ultra versatile anal sex toys for men and women will take you from a slow and gentle anal opening to something with greater depth and width so that you are fully open and ready for anal sex. Most inflatable butt plugs come with attached medical style pump bulbs that you squeeze and pump to increase the size of the butt plug. Simple to use and very satisfying.

Recommended inflatable butt plug for beginner's: Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug Black


Novelty Butt Plugs

Venture off the beaten track with novelty butt plugs. Any one of these exotic anal sex toys would make an ideal gift for yourself, a lover or a close friend who already owns butt plugs but would perhaps appreciate something a bit more unique. There are lots of novelty butt plugs suited to men and women who practise BDSM – just check out the Oxballs Silicone Ass Lock Ball And Chain butt plug. Novelty butt plugs also include tributes to pet play, such as the Fashionistas Black Glass Bunny Tail Large and the Pony Play Butt Plug Medium.

Recommended novelty butt plug for beginner's: Dog Tail Butt Plug


Finger Loop Butt Plugs

Providing the wearer with peace of mind, finger loop butt plugs couldn't be easier to insert and remove. Quite simply, a finger loop is the sturdy cut out circle you'll find at the end of some butt plugs. This finger loop, also known as a ring pull, enables you to maintain greater precision when thrusting. Finger loop butt plugs come in a variety of sizes, with some weighing in on the larger, more curved side to stimulate the male prostate gland (check out the Menzstuff Head Invader Butt Plug, while others combine texture too (take a look at the Dark Stallions Ass Cork  4 Inch Silicone Butt Plug.

Recommended finger loop butt plug for beginner's: Candy Rimmer Butt Plug Kit


Huge Butt Plugs

Nothing divides a group of sex toy users faster than a huge butt plug. Some of you will wince and at the sight of them, while some will be desperate to get their hands on them. For men and women who fall into the latter camp, huge butt plugs delivery out of this world penetration. Big, bold and beautiful, these large anal sex toys will open you up and fill you deep down. Because of their size and heavy weight, huge butt plugs have flat, flared bases so that you can rest them on a smooth surface and use them hands free. It's a good job, too, because you'd have repetitive strain injury thrusting something like the X/L Humongous Butt Plug Black inside you!

Recommended large butt plug for beginner's: The HUGE 3 Bangs For Your Butt


Vibrating Butt Plugs

One of the best inventions for anal play fans, vibrating butt plugs will not only give you that hit of anal penetration you've been craving but they will also treat you to powerful waves of vibrations. Highly stimulating and satisfying, these clever anal sex toys offer the best of both worlds to ensure you get the anal pleasure you rightly deserve. The majority of vibrating butt plugs come attached to a control unit that enables you to cycle through, and choose, the level or speed of vibration you want. That said, vibrating butt plugs like the Rocks Off 7 Speed Ass-Berries Raspberry have a built-in push button control at the base of the butt plug to make it even easier.

Recommended vibrating butt plug for beginner's: Analicious Vibrating


Ribbed butt plugs and bulbous butt plugs

Much like textured butt plugs, ribbed butt plugs and bulbous butt plugs will deliver a sensational internal anal massage from the get-go. Ribbed butt plugs should speak for themselves in terms of design: they commonly feature ribbed or rippled shafts that can either offer a little or a lot of massaging texture depending upon how far away from the butt plug's body they protrude. Bulbous butt plugs are similar, but quite often provide a wider fill during penetration because they have bubbly shafts that can flourish tremendously at the mid-point. The majority of ribbed, rippled and bulbous butt plugs have generously rounded heads to flow straight inside you before all of those delicious ribs, ripples and bumps get to work on your anus.

Recommended rippled butt plug for beginner's: Cork Screw Butt Plug


Ceramic, glass and metal butt plugs

It's not just the sex toy itself or the lubricant you use it with that can make or break your orgasm: temperature can also play an enticing part. Ceramic, glass and metal butt plugs can be used to experiment with different temperatures so that you're able to see how heat and cold enhances your orgasms. Ceramic, glass and metal butt plugs can safely submerged in cold water, or even popped in the fridge, so that when you use them you'll feel an icy plunge in your anus. Such butt plugs can also be submerged in warm water, enabling you to savour the opposite effect. Warm butt plugs also feel immense when rolled over the skin – some people use warm metal butt plugs as a make-shift hot stone massage!

Recommended metal butt plug for beginner's: Jewel Butt Plug