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Top 10 Sex Positions





1.      Missionary

In this intercourse position the man lies on top of the woman facing her and she lies on her back. The man supports himself with his arms on top of her and with his legs between hers.



2.      Doggie

The girl kneels on all fours whilst her lover kneels behind her and inserts his penis. He can then remain upright or he can drape his body over hers.



3.      Cow Girl


The man sits in a straight legged position while she sits on top of him leaning back as she does so.



4.      Reverse Missionary


The woman lies on top of the man facing him and he lies on her back. The woman supports himself with her arms on top of him. The woman has one leg in between his legs.



5.      Olymp


Facing each other the woman has her legs wrapped around the man as he supports her by holding her bum, the woman further supports herself by holding onto the man's neck as he thrusts from underneath



6.      Spoons


Both male and female lie on their side, the female with her back facing him, the male then enters her from behind.



7.      Lap Sit


 The woman sits on the man's lap facing him with her legs behind him as the man also sits with his legs out supporting the women's back, they then grind together while the man is inside her.



8.      Eagle


The woman lies on her back with her legs in the air which are being held in place by the man. The man's knees are bent to help him balance.




9.      Belt


The woman lies on her back with her legs arched over the man while he is lying on his side, he can then enter and thrust.



10.     69


The woman lies on top of the man the opposite way to what he is facing so that the pans penis is in front of her face, both the man and woman can perform oral sex on one another at the same time.