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Buyer's Guide to Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex and exploration are no longer the dark taboos they used to be. Single men and women, as well as couples, are now enjoying the orgasmic fruits of probing their anuses during masturbation, foreplay and sex. Anal sex toys will help you during all three of these pleasurable activities.


Anal sex toys are many, comprising endless delights including anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers, anal probes, anal vibrators, inflatable butt plugs, douches and enemas and so much more. If you have been craving anal stimulation but don't quite know where to start, this handy guide to anal sex toys will put you on the right path to adding an exciting new dynamic to your sex life.


Anal Beads

Whether strung together on a flexible piece of cord, fixed to a rigid probe for hardcore thrusting, or attached to a vibrating bullet for extra thrills, anal beads are the ultimate beginner's anal sex toy. Available in a wide variety of sizes to open your anus up slowly, anal beads come in silicone, rubber, jelly, plastic and latex materials and can be used with lubricants, condoms and sex toy cleaner. Ideal for accentuating your point of orgasm (whip them out of your anus just as you reach the point of orgasm), anal beads are dead simple to use yet highly effective. If you want to start off gently, choose standard anal beads that have small beads graduating upwards in size. If you want something with a little more attitude, choose vibrating anal beads.

Recommended anal beads: X-10 Beads


Butt Plugs

Sitting at the apex of anal sex toys are butt plugs. These discreet and affordable backdoor playmates will open your anus up gently, making room for you to accommodate bigger anal sex toys or even your partner's penis. Butt plugs are lots of fun and can be made from a wide range of materials including glass and metal, both of which are suitable for use during temperature play (warm them up or cool them down in water to see how different temperatures enhance your orgasms). Some butt plugs are textured for internal massage and some are inflatable so that you can experiment with different sizes during use, but you will find that the majority of butt plugs have tapered bodies for supreme penetrative comfort.

Recommended butt plugs: Butt Plug Black Small 4.5 Inches


Vibrating Butt Plugs

Take your anal play to the next level by introducing one of our wonderful vibrating butt plugs into your masturbation or foreplay routine. These exciting anal sex toys will thrum and buzz away inside your anal canal, massaging the male prostate and thrilling women just as equally. Vibrating butt plugs come in all shapes and sizes, from beginner and travel friendly smaller butt plugs through to large butt plugs and even inflatable ones for those who can't make up your mind what you want. The one thing nearly all vibrating butt plugs have in common is the shape: tapered at the tip, powerful in their vibrating performance and flared at the base to ensure easy insertion and safe removal after use.

Recommended vibrating butt plugs: Inflatable vibrating butt plug


Lubes and Oils

Anal lubes and oils are somewhat different to 'normal' lubricants and sex oils. For the most part, they are much thicker because anal skin is thin and sensitive, meaning it's easier to irritate. The best way to enjoy satisfying and comfortable anal sex is by lubricant your anus with high quality anal lubes and oils. ID is one of the most popular brands we carry, along with Anal Blue. If you are indulging in something hardcore like anal fisting, you will want to look at extra heavy duty anal lubes and oils – Fisting Gel Lubricant ought to do the trick. For pegging (women penetrating men) and gay male sex, check out Rear Entry Anal Lube and Male Extra Thick Lubricant.

Recommended lubes and oils: ID Glide lubricant 8.5oz


Douches and Enemas

Cleanliness is of paramount importance to boosting your prowess and confidence during anal sex and exploration. It goes without saying that if you are confident in your anal hygiene, you'll be much more open to pushing the boundaries of what you experience during your anal encounters. Douches and enemas are essential accessories for helping you practise anal hygiene. That said, douches and enemas are highly enjoyable 'sex toys' in themselves, dishing out exquisite water squirting sensations directly into your back passage. Prices range from minus £10 to nearly £100, such is the demand for variety of douches and enemas. Suffice to say, if you want to have fun cleaning your anus before you hit the bedroom you will need one of these.

Recommended douches and enemas: Anal Douche


Inflatable Butt Plugs

A key feature of inflatable butt plugs is, of course, how you can vary their size before you insert them into your anus as well as when they're actually inside you. Versatile and ideal for people who can't choose between specific butt plug sizes, inflatable butt plugs will grow with you – as you become more accustomed to anal penetration you can simply pump your butt plug up to a bigger length and girth. Inflatable butt plugs vary in design and come in a range of colours and materials. Some inflatable butt plugs are shaped like penises, while others are the more traditional tapered shape. Either way, these flexible anal sex toys will bring you unbridled pleasure when you want it.

Recommended inflatable butt plugs: Butt Plug With Pump


Prostate Massagers

Keeping your prostate gland in good health has never been easier nor more sexually rewarding. Thanks to a new generation of anal sex toys called prostate massagers, you can ensure good personal prostate health while also working towards one of the most explosive orgasms you will ever have: a p-spot orgasm. Way more intense than orgasms generated through stimulation of your penis alone, prostate massagers will help you milk your prostate so that eventually you will be able to orgasm without even touching your penis. Expertly designed with comfort in mind, prostate massagers usually feature a shorter arm with a rounded tip to slip inside and massage your prostate, along with an external arm baring textured nubs or a steel ball to stimulate your perineum.

Recommended prostate massagers: Rocks Off 7 Speed Rude Boy Black


Huge Butt Plugs

While some may run screaming at the sight of these monsters, those who love huge butt plugs will go weak at the knees for their hefty bodies and enlarged heads. Huge butt plugs deliver intense, sometimes hardcore, levels of pleasure and penetration. If you're shopping for your first huge butt plug, team it with a high quality anal lube to protect your skin. Take your time when inserting any of our huge butt plugs and work your way down them a little further each time you play. Huge butt plugs are mainly smooth because there's so much stimulation going on anyway, but you can find textured huge butt plugs that add extra sensations – check out The Hulk to see what we mean.

Recommended huge butt plugs: Giga Dong


Anal Relaxants

Anal sex should never be painful if it's performed right, which is why anal relaxants form such a big part of any anal pro's preparations. If you are new to anal sex and feel nervous about discomfort, investing in skin safe, fast acting anal relaxants should set your mind at ease. Packaged as sprays, lotions or gels, anal relaxants work by desensitising the immediate area around your anus, helping your muscles to relax and open up so that you can insert anal sex toys, or your partner's fingers or penis more easily. Budget friendly and long lasting, we have five tried and tested anal relaxants for men and women that will help pave the way for satisfying and comfortable anal penetration.

Recommended anal relaxants: Relax XXX Anal Spray For Women


Anal Vibrators

Foreplay or masturbation of your penis or vagina is more rewarding when you add in stimulation of your anus, and the best way to do this is by buying one of the many anal vibrators that have been purpose built to thrill and expand your anus. You can find anal vibrators that are shaped like penises, vibrating bullets, strings of beads, the more traditional looking straight up and down probes, or anal vibrators that look like butt plugs with handy pull rings. These superb anal sex toys encourage your anus to open comfortably and quickly because of the mind-bending vibrations they pump out, helping to relax and excite anal nerve endings. Anal vibrators are lube compatible and some are even waterproof.

Recommended anal vibrators: Jelly Anal Vibrator


Anal Dildos

Treat your anus to a thoroughly good probing courtesy of our anal probes. These stunning anal sex toys come in a variety of materials, and which one you buy depends upon what you're hoping to achieve. If you want to experience temperature play, for example, choose one of the metal or glass anal dildos. If you want something flexible, choose one of the jelly anal dildos. Relatively inexpensive yet long lasting providing you care for your sex toy, anal dildos are perfectly shaped to deliver tenfold orgasmic fun. Curved, rippled, bulbous, ridged, smooth, textured, ribbed... There are many different designs of anal dildos to tickle your backdoor fancy and add an exciting new dimension to foreplay and dual penetrative sex.

Recommended anal dildos: EX Smoothy Prober