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Beginner’s Guide to Male Sex Toys

Male masturbation needn't mean your hand, a sock and some baby lotion. Thanks to a raft of companies making innovative male sex toys, your masturbation sessions are about to go nuclear.

Brands like Fleshlight, Tenga and Aneros make discreet male sex toys, and you can choose from all manner of erection-loving products including penis pumps, cock rings, prostate massagers and more.


Utensil Race

Premium male sex toys for those who enjoy the finer things in life, Utensil Race are a Japanese sex toy company crafting high quality, discreet male masturbation units that are hand held and ultra realistic. We have eight individual Utensil Race male masturbation units and each of them boasts exquisite detailing on the outside, while inside they're filled with textured love canals to grip your erection and massage you to orgasm. Lubricant compatible and easy to clean, these are a direct contender to Fleshlight.


Recommended Utensil Race male sex toy: Utensil Race The World's Most Realistic Vagina


Fleshlight range

Perhaps the most famous male sex toy brand in the world, Fleshlight masturbation units are renowned for their discreet designs and thrilling performances. The Fleshlight range is vast, with the Fleshjack range dedicated to gay men and the Fleshlight Girls range modelled on the naughty bits of a slew of female porn stars. Fleshlight male sex toys look like a flashlight from the outside, but inside they house soft touch masturbation units designed to ape realistic-feeling anal sex, vaginal sex and oral sex.



Recommended Fleshlight range male sex toy: Fleshlight Pink Vagina 


Prostate and p-spot massager

Taking care of your prostate gland is important, but luckily you can have lots of orgasmic fun doing so when armed with a prostate massager. These hygienic male sex toys have been designed to flow gently into your anus where they will massage your prostate (known as 'milking'). P-spot massagers have common features including rounded, angle heads, as well as extended base arms to stimulate your perineum. Best-selling p-spot massager brands to check out include Aneros, Nexus, Rocks Off, and Dr Joel Kaplan.



Recommended prostate and p-spot massager male sex toy: Rocks Off 7 Speed Rude Boy


Penis developers and pumps

A bigger erection is top of the wish list for many men. Thankfully penis developers and pumps now offer impressive results for minimal effort. Depending on your budget you can get a basic penis pump that gives you a temporarily bigger erection, or you can invest in a penis developer kit that delivers permanent results over a long-term basis. Relying on a sucking action to create growth in your erectile tissues, penis pumps are pleasing. Penis developers, such as weight systems, don't have that same orgasmic factor but they deliver the goods.



Recommended penis developers and pumps male sex toy: Extreme Enlargement Pump Blue


Blow job toys

Oral sex is great if you can get it, but even if you find yourself between partners right now that doesn't mean you have to miss out. Blow job toys have been crafted especially to deliver realistic oral sex sensations whenever you want them, and these masturbation units come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Priced from as little as under £12 to £100 plus, there are blow job toys available to suit a range of budgets, erotic tastes and needs.


Recommended blow job toy: Oro-simulator Mouth Masturbator


Gay sex toys

The world of gay sex toys is bursting with products to suit any erotic fantasy you can dream up. Whether you’re playing solo or with a partner, gay sex toys will enhance your experience of pleasure tenfold. Take sex to dizzying new heights with a snazzy vibrating cock ring, experience the explosive power of a p-spot orgasm when using a prostate massager, or enjoy masturbation with a discreet Fleshjack masturbation unit. There are plenty of gay sex toys to help beginners train for anal penetration, too.


Recommended gay sex toy: Nexus Glide


Lifelike sex dolls

Masturbation is fun, especially when you bring one of our amazing lifelike sex dolls into your bedroom. Incredibly detailed, most lifelike sex dolls have tight vaginal and anal passages, plus open mouths for oral sex simulation, and the more luxurious ones have supple boobs, flowing hair and painted nails. Others still have moveable limbs so that you can position them during your fantasy games. Lifelike sex dolls are available as full size dolls and face masturbators, through to transsexual dolls and gay male sex dolls.



Recommended lifelike sex doll: Kimmi Lovecok Love Doll


Realistic vaginas

There may be times when you find yourself without a lover. Fret not because realistic vaginas are just the kind of masturbation toy to keep you company on those quiet nights between dates. Superb for stimulating anal sex as well as vaginal, these high quality male sex toys can sit on your dresser or table so that you can penetrate them while standing up. Lubricant compatible and easy to clean, Realistic Vaginas offer a thrilling level of masturbation – especially the models fired up by a mini vibrating bullet.


Recommended realistic vagina male sex toy: Two’s Company Vagina and Ass


Vibrating masturbators

Add some firepower to masturbation with vibrating masturbators. Ranging from the affordable to the luxurious, these male sex toys are usually lightweight and hand held, though some models can be rested on a table for upright use. Vibrating masturbators offer anal, vaginal and oral sex simulations, either individually or all together (see the imaginative Concubine Masturbator). Vibrating masturbation sleeves are ideal for men who love the feel of different textures against their erections, while mini machines like the Rends A10 Piston Masturbator do all the work for you.


Recommended vibrating masturbator male sex toy: Turbo Stroker



One of the biggest categories of male sex toys on our site, masturbators are a wide ranging group of erotic toys to enhance your masturbation sessions with ease. From masturbation gloves, beaded strokers and spankers through to egg shaped masturbators and vibrating vaginal, anal and oral sex simulators, these male masturbation toys are thrilling, discreet and uniquely designed. Some masturbators can be disposed of after a few uses, while others can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap for long-term use.



Recommended masturbator male sex toy: Tenga Flip Hole


Blow up dolls for men

Relatively inexpensive yet fun in the bedroom, Blow up dolls for men may be a popular prop for stag party outings but they’re really built for giving you sex on tap. Easy to inflate by mouth or when using a hand or foot pump, blow up dolls for men offer vaginal and anal sex, and some even throw in oral sex simulation too. With extended arms, wipe clean boobs and photo or painted faces, these love dolls will bring your erotic fantasies to life.


Recommended blow up doll for men: Foxy Roxy Doll


Penis Extenders

Don’t suffer in silence if you long to have a fatter erection – penis extenders can transform your penis within seconds. A quick fix to a situation that can undermine your confidence in the bedroom, if your penis is smaller or skinnier than you would like, simply slip one of our penis extenders down the shaft of your erection and revel in the extra girth and length you’ve gained. Most penis extenders these days look and feel completely natural, and the majority work with condoms and lubricant too.


Recommended penis extender: Cybverskin 1.5 Extension


Male strap-on

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue for many men, but that needn’t mean you can’t have satisfying penetrative sex with your partner. Male strap-on sex toys will help you deliver thrilling levels of penetration to your partner’s anus or vagina. Some of the male strap-on sex toys are hollow so that your penis can slip neatly inside, while others are full-bodied to sit above your penis. Men who don’t have ED can also use male strap-on toys to indulge in double penetration with their partners.


Recommended male strap-on: Everlasting Hollow Extender For Him


Sleeves and simulators

Give your erection, fingers or your lover’s favourite dildo, vibrator or strap-on a make over with a colourful selection of funky sleeves and simulators. Sex should never be staid or boring, and with these sleeves and simulators you are guaranteed to experience new and exciting textures during vaginal and anal sex, as well as during foreplay and masturbation. Made in a range of materials and sizes to suit all budgets, sleeves and simulators will work g-spots and p-spots with aplomb while encouraging deep penetration and massive orgasms.



Recommended sleeves and simulators male sex toy: Lid’l Extra


Cock rings

One of the most effective accessories for helping you gain a bigger, harder and longer lasting erection, cock rings have been around for decades. There’s a staggering amount of cock rings on the market now and most of them share common features including stretchy material, raised ticklers or nubs to pleasure your partner’s anus or clitoris, and mini vibrating bullets to guarantee female orgasm. Some cock rings fall into BDSM too, so if you love being squeezed and constricted you’ll be taken care of.



Recommended cock ring: Paramour Cock Ring 


Tenga masturbators and Onacups

A world famous mini masturbation sex toy for men, Tenga masturbators and Onacups are super discreet yet highly effective at making you orgasm. Perfectly designed and simple to use, Tenga masturbators and Onacups use high-spec technology to make your masturbation experience a thrilling one. Our customers love their egg shaped masturbators and Onacups as much as the Tenga Flip Hole masturbators. Lots of these toys come with a free sachet of lubricant and they can even be (carefully) washed and dried for re-use.



Recommended Tenga masturbators and Onacups male sex toy: Tenga Deep Throat Cup