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Games & Novelties Sale
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Candy Blow Job Practice Willy -33%
For those looking to master the important art of giving the perfect blowjob, this delicious Candy Bl..
£5.99 £4.00
Based on 1 reviews.
50 Positions Of Bondage Sex Position Cards -26%
Spice up your sex life and get playful with these raunchy sex position cards! Use the cards as inspi..
£5.39 £4.00
Lust! Game -26%
Lust! is a game for lovers that allows you to explore both romantic and physical intimacy with your ..
£20.39 £15.00
Candy Love Ring -33%
If you like it, then you should most certainly put a ring on it, and you will definitely not regret ..
£2.99 £2.00
Whether heading out for a party or staying in for one in your bedroom, use these masks, from the E.L..
Monogamy Game -27%
Experience an erotic affair with your partner with the sensual adult board game Monogamy, the intern..
£29.99 £22.00
You And Me Game -23%
Great for spicing up the fun during a raunchy adult party there is the You and Me Game, a raunchy ga..
£16.79 £13.00
Fruit Flavoured Jelly Boobs -28%
A 150g box of succulent fruit flavoured Jelly Boobs.The perfect gift for any occasion. ..
£4.19 £3.00
The Bedroom Game -25%
This great action packed game for couples is shaking in excited for you and your partner to realise ..
£11.99 £9.00
Lovers Candy G-String -33%
If you are looking for the perfect piece of underwear to add some intensity and excitement to a spec..
£5.99 £4.00
Fruit Flavoured Jelly Willies -28%
A 150g box of fruit flavoured Jelly Willies.The perfect gift for any occasion...
£4.19 £3.00
50 Shades Of Grey -17%
If you are someone that loves getting into a good erotic read then Fifty Shades of Grey will be a gr..
£1.20 £1.00
Strip Or Tease Game -23%
Ideal for getting a couple in the mood for erotic play or for having sexy fun during an adult party ..
£16.79 £13.00
Popping Oral Sex Candy Cherry -33%
It's finally here!The worlds only fizzing, popping, bursting, exploding ORAL SEX CANDY!Just ..
£2.99 £2.00
Naughty Apron Female -28%
Why not have some fun in the kitchen, whether you are female or male your friends will laugh and del..
£8.39 £6.00
Fifty Nights Of Naughtiness Game -24%
Turn your nights into an erotic raunchy adventure with the Fifty Nights of Naughtiness Game, a sexy ..
£13.19 £10.00
Dick Head Hoopla -24%
Ideal for getting that party in a laughable swing there is this fabulously funny ring tossing game c..
£28.79 £22.00
A Deeper Shade Of Red Bondage Game -26%
Looking for an easy way to inject a little bit of 50 Shades style into your bedroom? This fabulous h..
£20.39 £15.00
The Cloneboy Cast Your Own Black Dildo kit -26%
The Cloneboy Cast Your Own Black Dildo kit contains all the necessary items to make a high quality b..
£33.59 £25.00
Sexual Role Play Game -25%
The Game of Fetish and Fantasy! Embrace your adventurous and playful side as you assume out-of-the-..
£11.99 £9.00
Sex Coupons -24%
Ideal for that sexy adult orientated party to get the ball rolling with an erotic bang we have these..
£6.59 £5.00
Pink Pecker Party Squirt Gun -25%
With a 6 ounce plus compacity and a 12-foot load shot range, you will be laughing hysterically as yo..
£11.99 £9.00
Penis Slippers -23%
Warm and comfy penis slippers. Fits shoe size 38-40 (euro) 5-7 (uk)..
£16.79 £13.00
Inflatable Cock Fighting -24%
Ideal for that all girl party or that stag night we bring you the fabulous Inflatable Cock Fighting,..
£13.19 £10.00