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Novelty Erotic Clothes

Novelty Erotic Clothes
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Do your slippers make people laugh or are a talking point at that party? No, then what you need is t..
Warm and comfy penis slippers. Fits shoe size 38-40 (euro) 5-7 (uk)..
Get slippery with your guy girls, chuck out all his boring old underwear and give him this sexy nove..
Pink coloured slippers made of fur fabric for HIM with boobs on top. Standard size 42-45. 100% polye..
Most men are called chauvinist pigs so why not wear a pig shaped g-string to keep your privates all ..
For the guy that has a great sense of humour and wants to be the life and soul of that erotic adult ..
Warm and comfy boob slippers. Fits feet, shoe size 42-44 (Euro) 9-11 (UK)..