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Electro Sex Stimulation

Electro Sex Stimulation
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For your erotic experimentation into the wonderful world of electrosex! We bring you the fabulous..
This bumper pack of goodies from ElectraStim will certainly set you up for some erotically electrify..
Combining the targeted stimulation of a love egg with the thrusting abilities of a dildo, our bi-pol..
Now if you are going to indulge in some hot and erotic electric play with your Rimba Box you are of ..
For those who either adore inflicting shock or receiving a shock, there is a most sensitive male are..
Especially for the guy that adores electric stimulation to his penis, we have this fabulous Leather ..
An essential item for any electrosex explorer, these best-selling uni-polar Electrapads are perfect ..
Enhance the pleasure or pain you wish to receive when you indulge in electro stimulation! Here fo..
Electrifying pleasure or pain for your lover or submissive sex slave! Here we have a superb pair ..
Satisfying your desire twice as much Your cry for love will be heard: Tingling Aparte is here and re..
In a very impressive way, Rocking Force proves how tempting the dark side of the force really can be..
The Pubic Enemy No 1 Black Edition is our neat, black cock cage with e-stim function. In order to..
Set of one conductive urethral probe and a conductive patch for the penis shaft. With this set, you ..
Again for the guy that enjoyed the experience of electric stimulation we have this fabulous Leather ..
These amazing Shock Therapy Electro Loops are set to add electrifying new thrills to your standard b..
For some pleasure, look no further than this fantastic prostate pleaser! Sirius features a unique..
Expand your pleasure with ElectraStim Prestige ElectraLoops. Prestige ElectraLoops are made from a t..
For couples wishing to ramp up the power in the bedroom, the Flick Duo kit from ElectraStim is the p..
The perfect package for the couple who want to inject some electrifying new shocks and thrills into ..
Now if you are going to use the Rimba Box to deliver a sensational and thrilling zap to yourself or ..
If done at a proper setting these electro eggs can stimulate intense pleasure. Or, if the submissive..
Indulge in the erotic sensational world of electro pleasure, experience the orgasmic sensations of p..
For your erotic electrosex pleasure, we bring you this sensational sex toy! If you are into the e..
Experience the erotic electro pleasure of hot and sexy anal penetration with orgasmic electric pulse..