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Restrain and control your sexual partner with the aid of the fabulous Bondage Bar. The Bondage Ba..
Designed for keeping your subs penis under control and to stop him from gaining an erection we bring..
Designed to deliver control over your lovers tackle we have the superb Chrome Chastity Cock Cage, me..
Stainless Steel Double Ring Sperm Stopper. Can be warmed or cooled with water for heightened stimula..
The tubular steel leg spreader bar with black or red leather cuffs, allows you to put your lover in ..
Fancy taking a doctors role, playing the gynaecologist and delving deep into your lover's womanhood?..
Indulge in the eroticism of inflicting pain on your partner with the help of the fabulous Wheel of P..
Uniquely designed for urethral plugging but still enabling you to ejaculate there is the Hallows Cum..
This all-rubber chastity cage is the best way to experience erection restriction in discreet and fle..
A and sleek, modern design made of high-grade stainless steel. This solid sperm stopper will ensu..
Spread your wrist or ankles with the Enchanted Spreader Bar. The is a strong, rigid bar with comfy c..
For those that are into ball punishment and enjoy receiving pain as pleasure, we have this superb Co..
Designed to be used in conjunction with any Vac-U-Lock dildo, this Vac-U-Lock Saw Attachment will ad..
The tubular steel leg spreader bar with black or red leather cuffs, allows you to put your lover in ..
If you enjoy erotic pleasure play with large apparatus such as a sex swing the problem is you usuall..
If you are a guy that loves the fabulous sensation of having their penis plugged we have the superb ..
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Made for the dominant to inflict pain on their submissives penis we have the stunning Constrictor lo..
Now in a devious shade of black. The new version of the Detained Soft Body Chastity Cage has all the..
If you're passionate about plugging into your penis, but are tired of the severe-looking steel style..
Experience a whole host of new sensations with this innovative 12-piece deluxe cupping system, a tot..
Now you can get your lover into the position that you wish with the Sex and Mischief Spread the Love..
For those that enjoy an edgy experience, this menacing Prick 10 Row Spiked Pinwheel, is perfect for ..
Designed to inhibit the use of the penis by plugging the urethra we bring you the stunning Wedge Pen..
The CB-3000 is the latest design. Some of our customers wanted a size mid-way between the CB-2000 an..